Bill Zaremba has been in the construction business with his own company since 1980. He had his start as a contractor for Toll Brothers, where he has played a major role in the development of large scale residential projects. Bill decided to expand his horizons and started to provide general contracting services to the public. His company has been proudly serving New Jersey for the past 20 years. In this time he has developed a wealth of knowledge and connections in the greater North-Eastern Area.

 Bill has always strived on two things throughout his life; the quality of his work, and maintaining a great relationship with his clients. Becoming good friends with many of them and remaining in touch well after the job has been completed. He is a forthright forward thinking man who is always planning the best way to tackle any job his clients offer him, making sure he leaves his clients greatly satisfied with the job he has done.

 Bill, born in Poland from generations of hardworking people, who understand the true value of a dollar, and know what a good work ethic is.

Operational Manager


Deny Lee has been an international entrepreneur operating in the United States, Korea, and China for the past 16 years. As director of Aprotech Corp he facilitates international trade with the Asian Market of heavy industry and automotive parts. Since then he has also recently started a second company, RNF Industries, which serves a similar purpose to Aprotech Corp but services different markets, and offers a different line of products.


Deny has the professional background and experience to lead A to Z Management Group, Inc. into the future with international clientele. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts, both national and international. He has graduated with a degree in Marketing from NJCU. Deny, born in the United States, is of Korean descent. 

Deny's family has deep roots within the Asian-American community, for the past 40 years. His uncle's have worked tirelessly for the betterment of the Korean Peninsula. They have worked in the financial sector, creating banking institutions that offer a lifeline and economic possibilities to the immigrant community in New York and New Jersey, as well as those in Korea. They have also had several successful manufacturing businesses in Korea and China.

Tom Zaremba

Denny Lee

Bill Zaremba


Manager of Operations, Tom is the backbone of A to Z Management Group, Inc. He is responsible for network administration, customer communications, marketing, graphic and web design. All information goes through Tom, as well as the rest of the team to maintain a system of checks and balances. Tom’s professional skills include; Photoshop, Logo Design, Website Building, Computer Hardware Design and Networking Systems Implementation. He also handles Social Media, Video Production, and all thing related to our client’s social footprint.

Tom has spent most of his youth on computers that he himself has built, which included all hardware and software modifications. Tom brings a great curiosity and expertise in current and emerging technologies.

Tom has entered the family business, bringing “millennial skills” to A to Z’s traditional craftsmanship, and continuing the entrepreneurial spirit of his family of farmers that dates back to Zambrow, Poland.

All of Tom’s unique skills are offered in the A to Z Management package.

Senior Estimator